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DV MARK TRIPLE 6 III 120w HEAD pojačalo za gitaru
Šifra: 8686

  • 2444,00 KM
Pojačala za GITARU HEAD

The built-in Smart Controller allows you to switch channels, activate the Solo function (fixed boost), and control the FX loop. 
A pratical Send level switch allows you to set the signal send to external FX at 0 dB or -15dB. This amp is also equipped with several MIDI ports for great switching options. 
The Triple Six III also features a Dual Voltage Switch 120V/240V to use the amp in countries with different voltages, without having to carry an external converter!

Like the previous version, the Triple Six III offers three completely independent channels with a a very powerful clean sound on Channel 1, great crunch sound on Channel 2 (new settings), a very high-gain distorted lead tone on Channel 3... and 120 watts of pure tube tone from two massive KT88 tubes!
If you play a lot or transport your own gear, weight is a real factor. The Triple Six III is incredibly lightweight, only 26.67 lbs (12.1 Kg).
Power output: 120W
Preamp tubes: 3x ECC83 
Power tubes: 2 x KT88, 1 x ECC83 
Channels: three
Controls (each ch): Gain - Master - Presence
EQ Controls (each ch): Bass - Mid - High
Speaker outputs: 
> one 16 ohm 
> two 8 ohm (total impedance)
> two 4 ohm (total impedance)
Other features
MIDI ports
Switch Loop Assign rotary control
Channels switch
Send FX level switch 0/-15 dB
Smart Controller
Voltage selector 120V/240V
Dimensions (W/H/D):
22.83" / 58cm | 7.68" / 19.5cm | 10.43" / 26.5cm

Weight: 26.67 lbs / 12.1 Kg

Product specifications are subject to change without notice   


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