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MAPEX Bubanj SATURN IV SNM529X-PC BD2218,TT10 i 12,FT16 bez stalaka
Šifra: 8954

  • 2999,00 KM
Bubnjevi Akustični

Until you actually sit behind a Saturn kit and hear for yourself what two thin Walnut plies do for ultra-thin Maple shells, you really don't know what you're missing. The bass drum has that extra-fat bottom end, the floor toms that unmistakable punch, the mounted toms ring with warm resonance like you've never heard.


This 22x20 bass drum kicks like a mule, the warm walnut tone give so much more depth to the cavernous shell and shallow 10x7 and 12x8 rack toms resonate at pitches that compliment the kit perfectly.


The shallower 16x14 floor tom is wild and aggressive, backing up the arsenal of kick and racks with definition and attack.


HARDWARE INC: TH684S x 2, AC910 x 2


SHELL CONSTRUCTION: 6-ply, 5.1mm all North American maple (4-ply) and walnut (2-ply) shell construction


LOW-CONTACT CLAWS - Tired of your bass drum claws looking like everyone else’s? Try these.

Increase resonance by reducing weight and contact on the counterhoop.

Rubber gaskets protect the hoop finish and prevent the claw from rattling during play.


SONIClear™TOM SUSPENSION - Hate it when you see more of the mount than you do of the shell? Us too.

Increases overall resonance by preserving vibration in the shell and heads.

Doesn’t touch the tension rods, helping heads stay in tune and making them easy to change.


MEMORY-MARK BASS DRUM SPURS - Ever use a ruler to make them even? Then this is for you.

Markings on the spur rods help players recall their settings and insure level set-up.

Circular treads on a rounded rubber foot prevent the drum from sliding during play.


FREE-FLOATING BASS DRUM MOUNT - The sound of a virgin bass drum or the convenience of a mount. Why not both?

Mount floats on suspended rails to maintain a virgin shell sound.

Sliding mount bracket helps players find their ideal rack tom distance.



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